Chronicles on Native Soil

This body of work portrays a
compilation of personal observations about the manifestations of one’s
principle convictions influenced by experiences, in the context of how they are
reinforced by new events, challenged by perceptional change and reevaluated, and
how the outcomes viscerally evolve over time.  

The mixed-media pieces serve as
the groundwork for these conversant and reoccurring-thematic observations.  Utilizing manufactured and metaphorical
symbols from organic and functional materials, these assemblages corroborate
with photographs, both functioning as serendipitous documentations and filtered
interpretations about the significance of lifelong lessons.

The approach to making
collaborative pieces supports the inherent passion to create intuitive and
expeditious imagery, along with a fastidious and sustained building process, which
aligns with an innate quest for a balanced environment for both artistic and
personal endeavors.     

All pieces were created from
materials predominately found on my surrounding property, including objects of
interest discovered in other locations throughout Florida. The pieces were
fabricated, assembled, and photographed in my studio in Lutz, Florida.