Artist Statement

Plant Wars, from the Early Signs series investigates various industrial complexes in society and plant behavior through the use of both synthetic and organic materials as metaphors and symbols infused together in a fabricated landscape. The image attempts to parallel the proliferation of behemoth corporations and their monopolizing merger transactions with environmental ecosystems, where growth patterns from non-indigenous plant species are eradicating the habitats of indigenous plants and trees. As both systems-artificial and natural, consume all meager competition, the expediential growth rate of these industrial giants and invading plants will reduce market shares and natural habitats and will create both a commerce and nature imbalance. This will jeopardize the infrastructure with irreparable implications for both business and wild life communities while crippling the health of consumerism and the health of the environment. The observation of both the safe guards and survival lapses in any type of environment can offer all collective domains the means to recognize either the early signs commonly associated with potential and imminent peril or the viable solutions, and provide the resolve to act, or at least acknowledge the responsibility of either consequence.


Participating indigenous Plants and Trees


Sand Spurs, Pine Needles, Oak Leaves, Stems, Branches and Trunk Shavings, Pumpkin Husk, Sycamore Leaf, Mimosa Seed Pods, Royal Poinciana, Silk Tree, Poinsettia, Jacaranda. Sweet Gum Tree, Cherry Stems.


Participating non-indigenous Plants and Trees

Australian-pine, Brazilian Pepper plant, Camphor tree, Cogon grass, Kudzu vine, Jumbie bean, Melaleuca, Torpedo



Non-Plant Materials


Tooth picks, marbles, vitamin capsules, thread, tied dye fabric, window screen, chalk, metal screening, coffee stirrers, popsicle sticks, lollipop sticks, hair netting, metal shavings, construction paper, paint, shish-ka-bob sticks, glue, computer transistors, chips, etc., tape, yarn, string, screen rubber seal, letter and number decals, foil, cork, sand paper, Lupe magnifier, dust off extender, copper wire, aluminum wire, plastic mesh, straws, clothes pins, color acetates, plastic notebook rings.