Artist Statement


piece titled Groundworkbegan
laboriously with the removal of a partially exposed silver oak root in the
yard. Upon first glance, one might think the rationale for uprooting this piece
of wood was due to mower obstruction or a subterranean plumbing blockage, and
even sprinkler system issues, but these reasons were far removed from the
obscure visual narrative which surfaced, this time in the context of a tree
root, exposing my insatiable
curiosity to explore an unforeseen world and
revisit another aspect of my self-awareness from the ground up.

As the piece
evolved in construction, the concept became clearer and reaffirmed a personal
observation about how the constant flux of change through experiences impact
growth cycles. Whether a participant or spectator in any event, including
inadvertent circumstances involving chance and coincidences, profoundly
influences personal development, and becomes groundwork for something else,
defining ultimately our identity. 

Due to numerous
steroid treatments from poison oak over the art projects’ three-year span, and
a slower than normal production time-line, it became problematically obvious,
the mixed media piece may perhaps never attain the status of ‘complete’. And
yet, the prolonged process forged a new purpose, as the project became symbolically
and literally a visual biography of my life.